Why Join?

”We give them back to you, trained college men ready to face life with minds like a diamond edge. We give them back to you, ΣΑΕs whose faith in the brotherhood of man could not be shaken though the earth slid from beneath them, and we give them back to you Americans with all that implies, lovers of their country, its soldiers if needsbe, haters of snobbery, that filth from the sewers of kings, and before all the world, we ΣΑΕ, have taken your boy and now we give you back – A Man.”

 -William C. Levere

This quote encompasses the process that all of our brothers go through in their tenure with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. From the very first moment of stepping through the doors at rush and meeting brother after brother, the experience begins. From then on every single minute spent around the fraternity defines the brother of they person they have been in the past, their character now, and what kind of person they are going to become in the future. “and before all the world, we ΣΑΕ, have taken your boy and now we give you back – A Man.” Any current active brother or alumni can attest to this statement. Each and every one of us have become a much more rounded, and respectable person because of our involvement with this Fraternity. Joining our brotherhood definitely requires sacrifice, but with that sacrifice the rewards are vast. You will have a greater sense of meaning and responsibility than you ever have before. Day after day you will wake up think, “What can I do today to better myself?” and with the eternal bond of your brothers this will be all too easy. Day after day there is constantly something to do whether it be a task that needs to be done, an event that needs a representative at, an intramural game to be played, or anything along those lines that will give any brother the chance to step up and prove himself while also teaching him character, responsibility, brotherhood, and above all how to be a True Gentleman.