Welcome new and returning SAE parents!

Minerva Club is the parent organization for SAE. Our mission is to support the gentleman of SAE at Kansas State. We do this by supplying snacks during finals week, awarding grants each semester to any active member who achieves a GPA of 3.5 or better, and by funding small improvements to the house as our budget allows. We also help plan a Family Weekend and Father/Son Weekend during the fall semester and a Mother/Son weekend during the spring semester. We are able to fund these activities by collecting membership dues from each family and by organizing fundraising events such as silent auctions during these specially planned
weekends. All funds collected by the Minerva Club are used to support the SAE fraternity at Kansas State. Dues are $100 per family for the 2014-2015 year and are collected at the beginning of the fall semester.

In case you are wondering about the name Minerva, Minerva is a Roman goddess often
equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She is the goddess of the SAE fraternity and fraternity brothers are known as the Loyal Sons of Minerva.

We have a Facebook page! Check out Kansas State Minerva Club for photos and more information! You do not need to have a Facebook account to view our page. Click Here to visit!

We welcome your participation in the Minerva Club. Please feel free to contact any of the current officers with your questions and comments:

President:  Gwen Fetter

Secretary:  Diana Albert

Treasurer:  Cindy Kasmiskie

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News from Minerva Club:

With the fall semester behind us already, an update on what has been happening
with Minerva Club:

Minerva Club hosted two events during the fall semester of 2013. The first was Family Day, the weekend of September 7, 2013. With it being early this year we really had to hustle to get things organized. With the help of many parents who donated items for the cookout or auction or helped during the day, Family Day was a huge success! A special thank you to Ann Tinsman who organized both live and silent auctions, Cindy Kasmiskie who distributed t-shirts and collected dues and to Steve Fetter & Jerry Albert who manned the grill during an exceptionally hot (even for Kansas!) Saturday afternoon. In additional to the cookout, bagels and donuts were served for breakfast, followed by our semi-annual Minerva Club meeting, auctions, and finally a tailgate at Bill Snyder Family Stadium prior to the football game. We had well over 100 people in attendance and thru auction proceeds and membership dues raised over $2000! Thanks to all who participated!

The other big event hosted by Minerva Club was Dad’s Weekend, Oct.5-6, 2013. This weekend had a somewhat different format this year. Instead of having a fundraiser we asked dads to join their sons in getting the house ready for the big centennial celebration at the end of October. Much work was completed including new fans installed in the dining room, storage areas in the basement cleaned out and organized, part of the basement repainted, fixing the lighting on the SAE sign in the front yard and cleaning up the yard. Minerva Club provided all supplies needed including the fans. In addition, Minerva Club provided a light breakfast in the morning and Subway sandwiches for lunch. It was not all work all weekend though. After lunch there was a fun golf tournament at Wildcat Golf Course followed by a watch party at Little Apple Bowling. Dinner was lasagna from HyVee. Sunday morning the dads met up again for breakfast at the house. Thanks to all the dads who made the weekend a success!

Due to the generous support of our members, in the past year Minerva Club has been able purchase furniture for the house (dining room chairs, end tables, lamps), new dining room chairs and Christmas lights. This is in addition to our traditional support by supplying snacks during finals week, bathroom cleaning before the start of each semester and grants to any active member who has a 3.5 or better GPA the previous semester.

Thank you all for your support!

Upcoming Events:

Welcome new Pledges and Parents!

Mom’s Weekend: March 29 – 30, 2014.
Lots of fun being planned including auction, meeting, electing new officers, awarding of grants, and dinner with sons.